This Week Inspiring Story

Here are three articles this week that hopefully will inspire you at work tomorrow or at least help you pass time before go to bed. Happy reading!


1. The Business of Blogging| The Sartorialist(BoF)
Scott Schuman’s rise to international blogging fame is well known, but until now he has never discussed his business model in detail. In our latest instalment of The Business of Blogging, BoF gets the exclusive on how The Sartorialist makes bank. (Full Article)


2. The Girl With the Golden Touch –
SHE’S not the Ronson who dated Lindsay Lohan. That’s her fedora-wearing fraternal twin, Samantha, a celebrity D.J. and singer. She’s not the Ronson who in 2008 won three Grammys including one for producer of the year for working with the late Amy Winehouse. That’s her brother Mark, the recently married record producer.

Rather, the shy woman with enviable rocker-messy hair who was sitting, largely unnoticed, in the NoHo restaurant the Smile on a recent sunny Friday morning is Charlotte Ronson, the clothing designer, who in the last few years has quietly and somewhat surprisingly evolved into one of the most successful retail entrepreneurs of her generation. (Full article)

3. Changing of the Guard –
Three rising menswear designers from Milan and Paris have tossed aside the archetype of the polished gentleman in favor of an imperfect—but perfectly current—man. Umit Benan, Massimo Piombo and Alexandre Mattiussi all exude a well-tailored allure in their collections. They combine colors and textures to attain a rich bouquet of wardrobe options using classic staples. But each is made approachable by small eccentricities that seem to reassure potential customers they’re not being held to an unattainable ideal. “A good-looking guy tells me nothing,” says Benan. “A guy with a belly and a mustache is much more interesting.(Full Article)