5 Vintage’s Treasure That You Might Find In Your (Grand) Father’s CLoset

There’s always more than one way to go to Rome. Or in these case, there is alternative way to update your look with current trend without breaking your saving. It’s even won’t make you go further than your (grand) parent’s house. Remember when I say that for Fall, the trend is about 70’s vintage with modern twist? Just go to your Father/Grandpa’s closet & if you lucky, you might find great treasure inside.

  1. Tortoise Glassess. You just need to change the lense and you will have instant vintage look.
  2. Messenger’s leather bag. The more old it gets, the more cool factor you have.
  3. Loafer Shoes. But for your own sake, please change the sole if it is look a little bit too vintage.
  4. Suspender. Way to upscale your daily look! It can be classy for your office outfit or rock ‘n roll with vintage shirt & jeans.
  5. Fedora Hat. Switch your softball hat with this one. Better in protecting you from UV light and keep you stylish at the same time.

Yes finally, there’s always another reason why we should be nice to our (Grand) Father!