Great Sale Tips!

What happen when summer meets holiday season? No, it’s not vacation, but it is time for Sale. Big Great sale! Almost every big city is having big sales, just right before department store, store or boutique stock up for fall seasons.
Although it sounds like cheessy sale, doesn’t mean we can’t get a great deal. A lot of great stuff that will last for the next couple years, you can get for very friendly price. Before you walk to the store, here are 5 tips to help you to get best deal during great sale.
  1. Early bird gets the worm. Yes, because is sale, we have to compete with thousands of people to get the best piece. It gives you many benefits by get to the store early, you can choose wisely and don’t need to hurry. The good news is, you can follow each brand/department store twitter to keep update about the sale, the venue, or another amazing deal with certain credit card holder. To help you even better, please do make a list what kind of clothes/accessories you looking for. 
  2. Size does matter. If it is one size bigger but you think you can adjust it with help from local tailor, then you can have it. Other than that, don’t even bother to buy it. There are plenty of clothes waiting for you to be found.
  3. Always look for classic piece, not trendy. Don’t get fool by the half price tag for shirt that only last next 6 months. Always choose classic piece, something that you can wear for long time, not just now. One trick that does always work, choose accesories like belt, socks, shoes. or bag over clothes. Classic accesories stay longer than clothes.
  4. Golden rule before buy a new piece of wardrobe. Make sure we can mix it to make  atleast 3 looks with wardrobe we already have. The reason is very simple, if we can’t wear more than one look, then it means we have to buy another pieces in order to create anothe looks. In this case, we only waste our money.
  5. Still confuse? Please ask your GF or sister or someone who knows your style & could give good advice when you need it the most. That what friends are for, right?