Going Sockles Is The New Way For Red Carpet

I still having the euphoria  of last Monday’s CFDA Award. The ceremony & all the pretty people in pretty clothes. One thing that cough my eyes is almost all of the  gentlemen who attended the award showed up  sockless  for the red carpet. They all look casual but still manage to look appropriate for the event. How they make it look easy? By choose the basic suit and only wearing classic shoes, so the focus of the outfit is straight to the ankle.

Maybe some of us have question “How can I have that look without having the odor problem?” Antiseptic talc powder is still the best solution. Or if you have time, just soak your feet in black tea for 30 minutes.

I think going sockless is the new way for formal occasion, including for the office especially in the summer. I mean, if all the trend maker already made a statement at the “fashion oscar”, what else can you do?

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