Find The Perfect Gift (The Guide To Find One)



It’s May & It means alot of celebration for me.  I did quite shopping to find farewell gift & double gift for my family who have birtday this month. Polo t-shirt for my co-worker, purple mini cross body bag for my niece, and classic black oxford shoe for my brother in law. Just today, my niece is having her 9th birtday and i can’t describe her face expression when she opened up my gift.

Out of view things that i could be proud of in my life, finding the perfect gift for people is my thing- kinda a talent. Maybe it’s because my experience as part-time “personal shopper” since i was in college; My family & friends ask me to buy something for themself. Or maybe it is because i read to much GQ, Details, or browsing the web all day, so i know what’s the trend right now? Otherwise, i’m so happy to see people expression when they open the box and  to find something that they really like or unexpected-something that gets them excited. It would be priceless moment for me.

“Good for you”, i hear you mocking me. Hey, you too can do it yourself. How? Well, let me see. I basicly really enjoy shopping (with other people’s budget) and i could spend hours just to find the “it” gift or clothes that i think would be perfect for my “client”. What if you don’t like to walk from one store to the other (especially the boys)? My simple rule is always back to basic.  First step, find something that your friend or girlfriend or family member really like lately (check her/his Facebook status). Second, something that she/he will wear/use daily (frequenly). Let’s say your girl friend is so much into watch lately. Instead of buying her Cartier watch (although she won’t refuse) that she will wear it occasionally, why don’t you get her a basic Swatch in her favourite colour? She’s mostly will wear it everyday and will always remember you evertime she looks at it?

I hope my tips could help you to find the perfect gift for other people. If you feel confused or still have no idea, just go with your gut and trust your (style) instint. Choose whatever you feel/think is the right gift. And when she/he opens up the box and can’t stop smilling…that’s what i feel when i see my niece smile and jumping this morning.