AGING IS SUCKS (5 Big Body Issues In My 20’s)

Yes, you hear me right. Aging is suck. Like really suck. Unless you have gene like Brad Pitt, 20s is not time for us, at least for me to have fun in life. It’s time to face another Goliaths. I’m not talking about conquer the world, but I’m talking about conquer myself. My body. Believe it or not, boys do care about their body. That’s why we do basketball or futsal or hit the gym. We would say we do it for fun or to impress the girls, but somewhere, deep down in our body (I mean heart), we do it for our self. We don’t admitt it, but we do have body issues.

When I though my only problem is just belly fat that I’ve been carrying around for almost a quarter of decade, here comes surprise after surprise. Thanks to stress and hormonal stuff, I have another body problems.

  1. Hair Loss. I used to hate my hair, because it so thick, freezy, and curly. I could never have David Bekcham straight hair cut every time I go to the barbershop. I only have the boring cut since I could remember. But somehow when I turned 20 something, I notice something odd. Overall it is still thick, but if I look closely, my hair line just start to change- Not in good way. There’s significant different with my hair line 2 years ago. Oh my GOD… If I could, I would scream as hard as I could, I don’t want to be bald before I’m even thirty. I know a lot of my friend is balding in early age, but I never knew I would join the club this soon. The solution? I only wash my hair with baby shampoo twice a week and warm VCO oil treatment after that. Now, from almost not many part of my body that I could proud of, my hair is truly my tiara and I love it so much. Big proud also to my father.
  2. Stain Teeth. Too much coffee, not brush my teeth perfectly in the night when I’m even to tired to take a bath, leads me to 99 teeth problems. It easily for my teeth to became yellow, tartar, gingivitis, cavities, and appointment after appointment with the dentist become my nightmare. I though teeth problem should be my niece or toddler problems. I had pass that stage in my life 15 years ago. Guess what? I was wrong again. The more older I got, the more irresponsible I treat my teeth. I would drink coffee anytime, forget to floss every night, and the last thing I know, I had to Saturday night at dentist office. The solution? I keep drink coffee (everyone has weakness) but I will take care of my teeth in appropriate way: brush my tooth and gums, have dental floss, Listerine, and also check my teeth once every 3 month to make sure it’s healthy.
  3. Dry skin. Your skin pore somehow getting bigger and your face look dull. The problem is not how your face becomes dry, but how its impact on you. You will look older than your real age. With tight competition in work, that every day there will always new kid with younger look, you better think twice before take your skin for granted. Whoever says that look doesn’t counted, well congratulation. Not only you are living in your own world, you make easier for the younger competitor to beat you up. The solution: at least you can always clean your face every night before you going to sleep. If you want to take it to the next level, get dermatologist. Ask your sister or girlfriend for reference.
  4. Belly fat. This is like the classiest problem for every human being in this planet. I’ve been carrying this problem since my childhood and got used to it. At first I though this is not a big problem. I’m a dude and dude doesn’t bothered with “body issue”. But when I join work place, everything changed. Here’s the deal. Employee is company’s investment, right? If one investment (read-employee) is couldn’t take care of himself and the other one can, which investment the company should keep? Take care of your self is not about great competency, but also could take care of your body. If you look good, I’m not saying 6packs abs like Mike “The Situation”, but you will have higher chance to get promoted (off course along away with your brain) than your co-worker who eats pizza for lunch and chips as snack. Company wants to have managerial level employee that could represent the value of the company. You can name any value, but I bet looking too fat or too young to be bald or look older is not one of those. So if you don’t have big dream to be on the top of the company, forget what I’m saying. But if you do, two words for you: Diet & exercise. Do whatever exercise that you feel good at and the most important thing, watch your diet. Exercise only makes you extra feel good about yourself, but diet is the most fundamental thing to get there. Go see nutritionist if you have no idea of what to eat.
  5. Dress Malfunction. Don’t judge the book from its cover valid only for book. In real world, you are judged by what you look. No matter what you do, the first thing people notice from you is how you dress. I read somewhere that the first impression is big deal for job interview or client meeting. I have seen many people walking around everyday in their daily “uniform” . By uniform I mean balloon shirt, too long trouser, and solid face expression “I don’t have any idea how to dress”. Some people even still keeping up with their 80’s or 90’s fashion roots. Honestly, if your are not my boss, I would tell you how boring you look. You are welcome. Time to upgrade your closet. Thanks to Google, you can easily find help on the internet. My recommendation: GQ and Details.