The Story of Sumba’s Coffee

In the world of instant coffee or Starbucks‘s expansion,  i keep amaze of  how Sumba people still preserve traditional way to have a cup of coffee. Using firewoods, the dry coffee bean is roasted on iron wok for almost two hours. The secret of well made roasted Sumba coffee? A piece of cinnamon bark and a chunck of ginjer. Add those ingredients while you stir up the beans over and over again until the colour turns  black. Wait until it is cool for a while before it is ready to be ground.

Growing up as Sumbanese, you can’t never start your day without coffee. Maybe it is not as populer as Toraja coffee or Sumatra coffee (for now), but Sumba coffee definitely has its own worshippers. The taste? Sweet, warm, and with strong taste of Torabika coffee/cinnamon’s scent. Perfect to start your day in the morning  and to spend your afternoon with your family. Just another thing that keeps me coming back home.