The Vintage’s Vibe Of Tortoise Glasses

Move over nerd glasses. Here’s come the new “IT” glasses on the accesories block. I’m totally bored with nerd glasses because it has been around for a while and thanks to Justin Bieber, everyone is wearing it these days. It is time to take glasses to the next level. Or step back in time to be exact.

Tortoise glasses in oval shape is the new favourite of mine. The vintage look of the glasses is the new modern way to upgrade your look this year. Not only it will set you apart from the crowd, it  also has other benefits:

  • The tortoise colour is classic colour, which means you could wear it for the rest of your life.
  • The round shape refines your face figure. Totally recommended for people with oval face.
  •  It goes with anything we wear. Whether it suite for meeting or only with plaid shirt &  jeans for the the weekend.
  • More mature look: Perfect for those who’s working in serious business and want to upgrade their style in conservative way.

There are many selection out there. If you have big pocket and not afraid to spend, you might wanna check out YSL or Marc Jacob collection. Is there any cheaper alternative? Yes, there is. Go to your father or grandfather’s closet. You  never know what vintage treasure you can find there.

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