Best Of PARIS FASHION WEEK FALL 2011 (part.1)

Looking at this (of many) favourite of mine, i have to say, the inspirations for fall 2011 from Paris Fashion Week are movies. As we can see the look from Jean Paul Gaultier, i think it’s totally James Bond’s look. With great suit with twist of sexy short pants. It’s so refreshing. Or from Agnes B‘s pirate look: i can’t think of other movies beside The Pirates of Carribean.

I also like the other’s designers who keep the inspiration classic & timeless. Just like the camel & black coat from Victor&Rolf or perfectly made knitwear from Louis Vuitton. If i compare with Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week offers more versatile piece. And i like that-ALOT. Because i think NOT everybody is prefering suit for everyday look.

To be continue….