BEST OF MILAN Fashion Week Fall 2011 part.1


It’s (almost) all about SUIT so far at MILAN Fashion Week (MFW)! I won’t have time to review each show, so the best solution is, i pick up the most favourite looks from each show (which is most of them) and share it with you.

  1. D&G : The most looks so far (85 looks, beat that MFW!). What i like from this collection is the sharp & classic blazer with modern twist for the trousers.
  2. Salvatore Ferragamo: Honestly, the sweater is the only my favorite look from this collection. It’s camel, not so chungky, & would be trend this year.
  3. Botega Veneta: It’s the pop up colour pants that would makes the knitwear looks vibrant.
  4. Corneliani: I like this look because it combines two major trend this fall= Chungky knitwear + Duffle.
  5. Costume National: Wearing Suit with Motorbike vest?! Sounds like Fashion rock ‘n style to me!!

To be continued….

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One thought on “BEST OF MILAN Fashion Week Fall 2011 part.1

  1. Laura Osorio says:

    Guys have different taste when it comes to suits, they wear striped suits, navy suits, black suits and so on but if you notice most of hollywood artist wear 1 button mens tuxedo or 2 buttons because its easy to wear, elegant and more comfortable.

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