Fashion Trend for 2011

Still having hang over from last night New Year Eve party? Well…while you trying to sober and making 2011 resolutions, let me help you on fashion’s part. First of all, I will speak from MEN’s fashion point of view for the trend  in 2011. Based from what i have seen from New York Fashion Week in September 2010, i can pretty sure to say that there will be two big trends that gonna dominate fashion’s world this year:

  • Militery trend. At least until spring and summer. If last year we had seen strong military inspiration on runway, this year (in my humble opinion), will be more of “soft” touch. More soft army green colour in jacket or short pants with a little bit twist. No more spike or chain all over the clothes for sure.  

               (pic.1: Richard Chai Spring 2011)


  • Minimalist  (Neutral) trend. Still related to militery trend, i think minimalist look is the part of fashion transition from strong side (of military) to the part of neutral  side. There will be a lot of basic items, like clean cut blazer or pants that will give us the minimalist look. For the colours, i see alot of neutral colours. White, gray, nude, and black will dominates this season. Why neutral colours? Because it simple yet gives you the luxurious look.


(pic.2: Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S11)


The big inspiration for this trend off course came from whats been happening all over the world. If in 2010 we saw a lot of war and economy depression, then in 2011, things (hopefully) are change. The war is over and  the economy finally send us the positive sign of recovery, so that would be the whole idea for fashion this year. We are not 100% recovery yet, but we are going to the right direction. Translation in fashion: start saving and invest in great basic yet neutral colours pieces.


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