2011 is almost here, but before we make our new year resolutions, lets take a look to these amazing man(boy) who always give their best look during 2010 and hopefully you got inspired to add ‘be more stylish’ on your list:

  1. David Beckham : it is not a best dress list if there’s no Beckham in it. As the first man one who invented “metrosexual” word (as I try to recall), Beckham showed us that there’s nothing wrong for a man to be stylish. And he’s right. After all soccer career drama, happily married to #Victoria Beckham with 3 childrens, David is still (and even going strong) a fashion icon. We couldn’t get enough with his casual sporty look.
  2. Justin Bieber:  He’s the most populer teen on planet, we get it. But what I like about this Usher’s protege is how he transforms his style from just t-shirt and short pant to all about clean cut blazer and great pants. He is mogule in making for sure. Good job Usher!
  3. Pharrell Williams: rapper check, producer check, designer check, he is a truly artist. Not like any others rapper who just put (BIG) bling-bling all over their body & call it fashion, this N.E.R.D main star really know how to style. Fungky and edgy, but not over the top.
  4. Kanye West: if you wanna know who is the master of mixing so  called “formal” look to be so casual look, West is the answer. He is a really risk taker for mixed black blazer with gold necklaces (more than 1 for sure) or pink blazer in the middle of the day. For whatever reason, he always steal the spotlight. And that’s y he is one of our best dress this year.
  5. Zac Efron : on career department maybe he’s not so lucky (his Charlie st Cloud movie was dissapointed), but on look department, this high school musical alumn has something to offer.  No matter where he goes, street or red carpet, he never dissapoint.