First Two Photos of JLo Ads Campaign for Gucci Kids

The world like cant never get enough of the Jenny from the block. Just as like the her emporium couldnt get any bigger, now she expanding her not one but two millioners in making: her adorable twin with hubby Marc Anthony : Max & Emme. For starter, the trio already signed as models for Gucci’s Kids line (How cute is their pics together?)

Here are the two picture of Gucci’s ads that already hit the magazines and website all over the world. If you want to shop this collection, gotta wait till next spring. So after modelling for Gucci, what’s next for J.lo? She’s making her own kids collection with Marc. But even that wasnt enough, she’s gonna be American Idol’s Jugde this season. Wow… like the block couldnt enough anymore for Jenny!! 🙂