My 20 something life : When Difficulties Came To Visit

Based on my experience, there are 5 stages that I have to deal with, everytime problem/challenge/difficulty come:
1. Surprise, why me??
I never hurt people, I kept telling my self “This is not happening 2 me!”
2. Deniel. It must be a mistaken, I’m a good person, God must though I was someone else who make bad in his life n had to punished.
3. Anger. Can we just over it??! But the truth is,,,,it hasn’t over yet till I’m dealing w it.
4. Bargain! If God could just help me get over it,,,then I will be just fine. But the truth once again is,,,,it won’t over yet, till I get what the lesson is,
5. Acceptance. When we realize we don’t have power to control our life, then came the strange thing: we accept our situation as it is. we finally realize we HAVE problem, we DEAL w it, we LEARN from it, we GROW from it, and then we MOVE on w our life. We became stronger n wiser to life n others.