5 Reasons Y I love Blackberry


Please dont judge me as a crackberry, coz i always on my Blackberry. Well at least wait till you c 5 reasons y i cant live without my blackberry. 

  1. Browsing & News update:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             While u r on bus, u can’t read newspaper. Besides u r gonna be annoyin 2d others passanger, u can save the world n promote paperless lifestyle at the same time. If u have hot spot (wi fi) in ur area, you’ll amaze by how u can watch youtube straight from your BB. U can catch up you favorite show anytime now.
  2. Update status on fb/twiterr
    With  Fb u can always update ur status whereever u go (@ dentist, confuse what to eat, n make fun of ur lover). But what most insteresting from twitter for me is that,,,,,ur “worldNews” always update. There’s nothing update on this world that u can’t know about. It even works more  effective for people like myself who always don’t have time to read the news paper, watch the television, or Listen to the radio. I only have “free time” when I’m on the bus from home to office and back. This device help me a lot to stay update.(Recommended accounts to follow: kompas,tmcpolda, Nytimes, bloomberg, googlenews, times).
  3. Doing ur blog on the road.
    Once again, while u r on the road, you even blogging straight from ur bb. Sometimes ur creativity comes in this situation. I even did this post on my BB.
  4. Unlimited chit chat w/ famz n friends w fixed cost.
    Who willy doesn’t want to stay connect w ur love one while pay for one rate? Any time, anywhere.
  5. Sharing for office’s documents.
     OK, let’s not forget the original purpose of blackberry. It was made for business. So no wonder you can always make* (w extra charge) and reviewing (free) the office’s documents (word,excel,ppl).