Movie Review: Resident Evil (AfterLife)


I was so excited for this movie since i saw the trailer and couldnt be any happier when i finally can watch it. But Really?

Still about Alice (Milla Jovovich), a survivor who still trying to destroy the Umbrella Corporation and at the same time, also looking for Arcadia, the savest free zombie place on earth.

But somehow, i was so lost, when trying to enjoy this movie. At the first 10 minutes of the movie, i was so happy to see the fight scene beetween Alice’s and the umbrella japanese’s army. After that, i was just blank…. like a zombie. I willy didn’t understand the storyline anymore (it even didn’t make any sense on fiction’s story). Alice with view survivor, try to get to the Arcadia (again), fighting the weirder creatures, and save the others survivors who captured by Umbrella corporation, end of the story? No? No.  There are others umbrella army. Story keeps continue, leaving me behind, still didn’t get it. Maybe its time to let us be zombie forever. End of story.

Really Milla? IS that all you can do? Even 3D effect couldnt help me enjoy the movie. Or maybe i’m  the one who have to high expectations from this francise movie.