Hollywood’s Mini-Fashionista


They maybe not big enough to act in front of camera or take the stage yet, but they already have big taste in fashion. They maybe have famous and rich parents, but they don’t waste time to not to make their own. Meet Hollywood most daring mini fashionista with their each style that make us keep can’t get enough.

  1. Suri Cruise (Girly Style). You can’t start Hollywood mini fashionista without mention her name. She is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and she’s like the first (ever) who starts the trends. She has daring sense of style even since she was a baby. Dolce & Gabbana Junior coat or Prada heels (yes,u heard it) or mini designer dressess, Suri knows how to style herself.
  2. Shiloh Jolie Pitt (Tomboy Style). You can’t go wrong with those famous lip and blonde hair that she got from her famous parents Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt. The opposite from Suri Cruise, Shiloh has very tomboy style. If other parent won’t cut their daughter beautifull hair, then that didn’t happen with Shiloh. Besides got her hair cut short like a boy (She asked while crying to cut her hair), Bratt reportdly spent $10,000.- for Shiloh’s wardrobe on one trip to Paris. Anykid would love to have father like him!!
  3. Honour Warren (Casual Style). First of all, how could you not falling in love with that cut(est) little face? Plus her always fashionable Mom (Jessica Alba), it’s so clearly why Honour gonna have clearly future career in acting or fashion or both. Whether walking around in sunset boulevard, or shopping from one boutique to the other one, or even just play at the park, her casual style always got our eyes. She is our (little) girl from the next door.
  4. Kingston Rossdale (Rock Star Style). You don’t mess up with Rock Star. Mohawk hair, nail polish, and boots, his mother singer/designer Gwen Stefani &  rocker father Gavin Rossdale must be proud of him. It’s nice to see another famous parent who let their child to be whoever they want. Two thumbs up for Gwen & Gavin.
  5. Harlow Madden (Bohemian Style). Her mom (Nichole Richie) is  a designer/reality show star and her father (Joe Madden)  is member of rock band Good Charlotte , but Harlow stays true to her bohemian style.