Spring 2011: Neill Barrett: Collection To Die For!!

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Previously, i never had a certain designer that i like/love so much about his/her collection. But yesterday changed everything. When i was click the remote control, i saw this two or three model walked down on runway, and i just stopped clicking. The clothes were so amazing. I had no idea whose collection those are, all i know that it’s from Milan fashion week for fall 2011 collection. So instead watching MTV, i turn off the tv and turn on my laptop. The searching for those great clothes begun.

Lucky for me, the internet is my BFF (LOL), and i got the answer from GQ Magz (www.gq.com). It was Neill Barret collection. I just can’t stop look of those runway photos. I see over and over again. It is a great collection. The Japanese’s Samurai and little bit military Inspired looks ( at least in my opinion) are so amazing. Despite the economy condition, Neill can brings something fresh. Easy collection to balance our stress level. Clean cut, black, leather pants, and one piece that  willy got my whole attention is those gladiator inspired sandals. Especially the blue one, piece to die for. And the most fun part about the fall collection is, its come in the pieces. You can wear it all at once or one piece at the time. Doesn’t matter, i guarantee, you’ll feel great about your self. If i were a billionare, i would buy the whole collection, even buy Neil Barret’s Brand.

 Now i know what it feels to have your first designer’s love. If anyone asks me, who is my fave designer? Then hands down to Neill Barrett.

For moore detail, check out : www.neillbarrett.com