Each Tears Makes Me Stonger: Part.1

Here’s the thing that  i found funny yet annoying about life. Remember when used to hear, “Be carefull w/ what u wish for!”

3 Months ago i would trade anything “just” to have a work. Anykind of work- i was too bored. I even made a promise: if  i’ve  a job, then my life would be just fine. My life would be perfect ten!

But now, when i FINALLY get a job (the great one), i don’t get so exited like i used to be. Everything changes so quickly before i even prepare my self. I have to go on different direction, new environment, the level of stress on traffic hours, and what most important is i’m far away (well not that far) from my family.

It’s just like back in high school, when i have to live in different island than my parents. I cry like a baby, begging my Mom to pick me up and i just wanna go home. I just want my life like it used to be. Thanks GOD and alot of home work, i still can’t believe i did it, but i did. I can make through those 3 “horrible” years. I had hard years, but i survive. I’m even getting stronger. Like Mary J.Blige says, each tears has a lesson. I did learn alot through those years and from each problem i deal with. Those problem eventually, make me stronger and wiser.

I hope this time, it’ll end up just like the same. Or even better. So, am i ready to pack up my bag and be independent man?

to be continue….