The Next Level of Kid’s Fashion

Watch out all grown up people, there’s new competitor in fashion town. It’s not about men who looks metrosexual anymore. That was so 2000 late. It’s your kid/nephew/niece. Not like our childhood memory, when we ain’t care the way we look, these (very-very) young generation is all about look. They won’t ride bike or play in park with their last night pajamas (like we used to). And don’t even think to buy the same clothes (for the worst part: also in the same colour) for the sibling (thanks to our parent tradition in the past).  Today’s kid more become their own individual. So there’s no more t-shirt with cartoons icon, instead, these “creatures” take kid’s fashion to the next level.  Less cartoon and moore about grown up style. They consciously imitate men&women’s fashion style. 

Look at the 2 first pic: you may say those from same clothing company, but guess what, you are wrong. The male grown up version is from Heritage 1981 (USA), while for the little boy is from Finger In The Nose (France), a clothing line for children. While for the female, the floral print dress,  the one which Suri Cruise (yeah right, that Cruise) wear is just look alike (in different colour) the dress from H&M S/S 2010 collection. Can you see? There’s almost no different between adult and child’s trends. The only different is the size. 

So next time when you looking for birtday gift for your children/nephew/niece, you might wanna consider the “mini” version of your own style (only if u conscious about fashion your self). You might ended up as Cool parents/uncle.


One thought on “The Next Level of Kid’s Fashion

  1. Maya says:

    fyi…clothes for kids are more expensive than elder people…….maybe b’coz they only used small fabric to made those clothes 😀

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